Your strongest drive is for fulfillment.  You need to experience a life of meaning and purpose.  Fulfillment can only be achieved through a pattern of living which focuses on your spiritual needs.  Each human being has the need to continuously grow and to contribute beyond themselves in a meaningful way.

When events happen in your life, you have an internal process that takes place.  First, you have a thought.  That thought includes the way your body positions itself (physiology), your mental focus, your language patterns, and your belief structure.  With all of this information you create the second in the process.  Now you decide what the meaning of that event is.  Through that meaning an emotion is created.  

Example:  Lisa’s father died.  Some time later she has a thought of him.  With all of that information that is stored she decides that she is sad and misses him.

The third part of this process is when you produce a behavior that is related to the emotion you decided to create.  Looking at the example of Lisa, we now see her cry and call her friend to tell her that she misses her father.  She gets rewarded with love and compassion.  That was what she was looking for all along.  She got the results that she needed to satisfy her human need for Love.

If a person states that they “feel sad”, they are actually “doing sadness”.  That action can be changed with a compelling reason and enough alternatives.  In the example we can see that Lisa could have changed her thought pattern to remember something joyous about her father and to remember the love that he gifted her with. She in turn could have called her friend to share her joy.  The change in her behavior would have fulfilled her need for love, growth and contribution.  See how that works? All of this change only takes a moment.  The moment you change what things mean to you is the moment that you make a lifelong transformation of your experience.  Find Your Power!

“We have the power to choose what we think, feel, and believe regardless of our past conditioning.”-Tony Robbins

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